How to Like EVERYTHING on Facebook

Let’s say you want to be friendly on Facebook.

Really friendly.
Happily, there is a bot for you, one designed to enable a degree of positivity-spreading that almost certainly transcends your puny human ability to be upbeat.
The Love Machine is described as “a bot that will Like everything your friends do on Facebook.” More specifically, “it will log into a Facebook account, repetitively click the ‘like’ buttons on every possible content shown in the home stream, then post its amazing score as a status and log out.”
Want to test the outer limits of liking? Download the Love Machine here.
The creator of the Love Machine explains here that the project responds in part to the ambiguity of “like” in the Facebook context. It can signify anything from “I agree” to “I’m here” to “Thank you,” and much in between.
“Surely Facebook uses this feature to profile their users and have them engage with advertisers or any kind of merchants,” the explanation continues. “So, because I have so many fb_friends I want to please and so little time, I’ve decided to automate my ‘likes.’ Facebook will have to deal with it (whatever that means) and my fb_friends will be comforted that what they do is right.
“And I couldn’t wish them better.”
Obviously, it would be a little nuts to really do this. But as a conceptual project on the culture of liking, it gets a big thumbs-up.
More about the project’s background, and updates, can be found on the author’s blog.