How do science and technology help of our human life?

Science and technology is so useful of our human life. It make our life so peaceful. Science and technology is anything that reduces human effort. Anything that simplifies work, or saves time, that is science and technology. It are so connected of our human body. Science and technology make our life simple and easy. It make feel of us that life is so faster.  Science and technology has help to improve of our study and skill. It help to improve health and our life span also. It make our earth smaller.

Science and technology from the Latin word and Greek word. Science word came from “scientia” which means knowledge and technology word came from “technologia” which means study.

Science and technology give us many kinds of useful thinks. There are computer, mobile, tab, camera, etc. It teach us how to earn money at sat your room. It gives us high speed internet to our job can be done faster. The high speed internet makes us comfortable and easy to live. Science and technology developing of our word. We can know many kinds of things. It helps us to improve our daily activities. Now a day computer is most useful to every people. So you cannot sine your live without computer knowledge. Kids are so happy to play computer games. In fact it is true because Science and technology make our life more enjoyable and fast. We may be able to discover and explore new things. Science and technology opens the door and allows people to enter into a new world which is fully developed and well civilized.

Science and technology make a small things to contacts a man to other man anytime, anywhere that is mobile. Mobile is very important and useful of our modern day life. Sometime mobile have big body now Science and technology make a mobile so slim. Mobile have many version java, Symbian, that is old   version and new version is android.  Science and technology gives us mobile so cheap price. Science and technology made tab that like smell computer. Through science and technology, it is easier for us to communicate other people. It is also significant in the field of business because transactions and other events are done through the computer

Use of Science and Technology in Business:

Nowadays Science and Technology are use in business. Business man are using computer in his business to save many kinds of document. Many kinds of Business man are sell Science and Technology parts. Some of Business man using online money transfer to sell his product. Now all most parson using his web site to build up his business. Young boy and girl working freelancer and they are earn money from online.

Every things have some good and some bad. So Science and Technology are make our life easy or Science and Technology make our life so complicated. It make a man mad also. Kids are so interested to use all of them are technical item so they are going to social media sites and play games but it helpful too enjoyment to his life or brake his life. More using technical item should you mad someday. So every things is timely useable.