Perhaps the most talked about spec on the new G3 is the quad HD (2560×1440) IPS LCD display. On a 5.5-inch handset, that represents just about the best pixel density you can buy. It’s only fair to point out that while the display is undisputedly brilliant, there are precious few apps out that are optimized for Quad HD at this time, but it won’t be that way for long. The visible difference between the G3 and your average 1080p unit may be slight, but it’s there, and the huge resolution future proofs you for the higher-def world that’s coming. Sparking reviews like IGN’s (9.3/10) have also shown that early fears of a drastic impact on battery life turned out to be non-issues. LG got Quad HD right here.
As impressive as the display is, the LG G3 is no one trick pony. The Snapdragon 801 2.5GHz quad-core processor, 3GB RAM and 32GB of storage (expanda via microSD, by the way) are all industry leading specs, ensuring you’ll have the smoothest performance possible. LG has also touted the infrared laser focus on their 13MP rear shooter, promising the fastest focus time you can get. According to LG, their camera can focus in 220ms, easily besting the 300ms of other flagships like the GS5. Much like the display, the difference may be hard to notice, but it’s there, and it remains an impressive feat. The rear cam can take video in resolution as high as 4K, and it’s paired with a capable 2.1MP camera on the front.


At 5.5 inches this phone definitely fits into the “phablet” category, but LG has designed it to look and feel smaller than similarly sized handsets, arching the back and thinning out the bezels around the display. Following a trend started with the G2, LG has placed the power/volume buttons on the rear of the phone, a move that saves space but can take some getting used to for new users. The G3 gets Android 4.4 out of the gate, plus a handful of useful LG apps like KnockCode and LG Health.

On top of the amazing display, powerful specs and smooth brushed-metal finish, you can also stock up on accessories right now and save a bundle. This is one of the best phones on the market right now, and for $0 down with a phone payment plan, it’s a great deal for anyone who’s been waiting to pick up a slick new phone.