New Two iPhones may be publish Sept. 9

An artist’s mock-up of the iPhone 6. We’ll find out how accurate it is on the 9th!
Apple is widely expected to unveil not one but two new versions of its iPhone 6, a 4.7-inch model and a 5.5-inch model. So what can you expect from these new iPhones?
For starters, the phone’s sizes will be significantly larger than the current iPhone 5s, which measures 4 inches diagonally. For comparison, Samsung’s flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S5, has a 5.1-inch screen.
The vast majority of Android and Windows smartphones on the market today offer displays that are larger than 4 inches, and it looks like the folks at Cupertino are moving in the same direction.
According to reports, the iPhone 6 will sport a slimmer, more rounded design than the iPhone 5s and a higher display resolution, meaning that photos, videos, and webpages will look sharper. Speaking of the iPhone 6’s screen, rumors indicate that the next iPhone may use what’s called a sapphire crystal display, making the screen more durable and crack resistant.
There has been much talk about whether Apple has enough sapphire crystal on hand to produce displays for all of its 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch iPhones. Earlier this month, The Wall Street Journal indicated that Apple might equip only its high-end models with crystal displays.
9to5Mac, meanwhile, reported that analyst Matt Margolis believes all 5.5-inch iPhone 6 models will get crystal sapphire displays, while only some 4.7-inch models will get them. The remaining 4.7-inch iPhones, Margolis claims, will receive normal Gorilla Glass displays, which make up current iPhone screens.
iPhones in three sizesA mock-up of the iPhone 6, next to an iPhone 5s and iPhone 4s, by Sonny Dickson.
Beyond their displays, the two iPhones are also expected to receive more powerful A8 processors than the A7s found in the iPhone 5s, which could give the next-generation iPhone a significant performance boost.
There are also rumors that the iPhone 6 will get an improved M7 co-processor that, in addition to measuring motion as it does in the iPhone 5s, will, according to 9to5Mac, include a barometer and an air pressure sensor.
The folks at VentureBeat say the next iPhone will also have a near-field communication, or NFC, sensor that will allow owners to make wireless payments from the handset. Of course, we expect the iPhone 6 to sport a Touch ID fingerprint sensor just like the iPhone 5s.
Beyond their hardware, both iPhone 6 models will come loaded with Apple’s iOS 8, which sports an updated interface and Apple’s new HealthKit platform for use with fitness and health apps. Speaking of which …