New Upcoming 2015 Apple’s iWatch

Apple’s iWatch is practically a thing of legend at this point, but it’s looking more and more likely that the fabled smartwatch will make its debut Sept. 9. Little is known about how the iWatch will look or what kind of features it will have, but reports point to a 2.5-inch rectangular display.

Another artist’s representation of the iWatch. This is probably not what the iWatch will look like.
Other rumors indicate that the watch could pack as many as 10 sensors, which would work with iOS 8’s aforementioned HealthKit. The iWatch could also include a heart-rate monitor, as well as the ability to measure how much UV radiation you’re absorbing from the sun.
Above all, it looks as though the iWatch will be every bit as stylish as Apple’s iPhone. Cupertino poached luxury watchmaker TAG Heuer’svice president of sales and retail, Patrick Pruniaux, back in July, at which time he said Swiss watchmakers had better keep an eye on Apple.